Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Start Selling What You Have at Home

A good way to start is finding an auction site. eBay is always the first auction site that comes to mind. Of course eBay is the heavy weight champion in this category. They have the membership to support the exposure you can get.

So let's say you want to start selling on ebay. Gather the following information:

1) Open a Sellers Account*
2) If you do not have an office for mail; open a PO Box.**
3) Email address that you can dedicate solely to your new business
4) Phone number***
5) Paypal Account / Merchant Account
6) Delivery Service
7) Shipping Supplies
8) Plan ahead - email database

* ebay offers you a Business and Personal account option. (Opt for business one).

**PO Box - You are dealing with people you never met. 90% of the are awesome. You can run into those that might think you have a physical location and stop by. This is not appealing to me. Unless, you have a physical location. Then you should list your business address. Selling on eBay and listing your address can potentially drive a lot of traffic your way.

***If you are starting from home I recommend you get an extra line, you can use your cell phone or check out Yahoo. For a minimal $2.00-3.00 you can have a dedicate PC phone line for your customers. No one will know the difference.

What are you selling? Have you purchased on eBay before? If so, then you have an idea on how to compare the pricing.
This is the same idea you can apply to selling.
Check the competition- What is their start price? What is their shipping fee? What category are they listing in? Do you see any time patterns? etc.....

  • Take good images of your item.
  • Provide a detailed description.
  • Shipping Service
  • Return Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
Layout: You can use the standard blank page layout or you can use a Listing Template. ( I will be uploading links to my Free listing Templates for your use)

If you feel a bit confused already; do not worry. I will explain in greater detail the main steps on my next blog. In fact, the next few blogs will be focused on the above. If you have any questions just email me and I will address your questions in my next entry.

Make it a productive day! :)

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