Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Ad Placements - Sell your Items Online

Okay, start selling for Free! The previous post I placed outlines some Auction Sites. The auction sites charge you a fee for the listing and a final value Fee. This means it will cost you a few dollars. This can be costly if your listing does not sell. The most expensive being eBay.

So here is what you can do. Whether you are a brick/mortar store, working from home or wanting to start selling online:

You can log on to or I have many more for you; I will list later.

Start with you can list for Free all over the World. Start locally, hold a garage sale or promote your existing website, blog or ecommerce.

Do you homework, see what the competition is listing and what their layout is like.

Warning: Your competitors will "Flag" you. This means they will simple click on the "flag" link and get your listing off Craigslist. Anyone can do this. So, my advice do not feel bad. Just relist it. You will find that it will be good practice for you.

Also, if you are selling Furniture, list in other categories as well. Check out the "wanted" link and "General" links.

Listing on craigslist you will need:
1)A Catchy title - *This will be picked up by the search engines, Use Keywords
2) Price
3) Location - now, you can list your City (You can allow local pick up) or list your web address. Listing your web address is great. If you get "flagged" the listing will not be visible to your audience. However, it will take up to an hour for the listing to be removed from Craigslist. This means exposure for you. If the buyer cannot see the listing the chances are pretty good they will check out your web address.

** and is a good place to check the rankings of any website. This will help you determine where you should place your ad.

:) always smile :)

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