Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making Money Ideas online

Recently, several friends of mines lost their jobs. A couple of them where teachers for the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is hard when people close to you are struggling and are educated. Well, that's when I starting thinking. How can I help them? The light bulb turned on! Teach them to start their own online business. I am new to blogging, but have found this to be fun. Since I always have something to say I figure I can have a larger audience online.

My top three ways to make money online:
1) Sell what you have at home.
2) Resell
3) or start blogging
of course, it would be easier to do One and Three. I will provide you with the steps to create your own online business and with tips on how to market yourself for no money. Seriously, you can start this tonight and start making money in a few hours. (I have many more ideas for you to make money; but I want to start you with the NO MONEY needed steps)

Needed? The will to work. Do not think that selling or marketing online is easy. Not at all. You will get what you put into it.

I will be writing tonight on how to "Sell what you have at home". Take advantage of this blog and pass it on. Knowledge is Freedom.

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